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To host your own Straight/Curve House Party simply rent or buy our film from iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo OTT, download our FREE House Party Screening Kit and invite your friends over to watch and have a conversation about body image.

“This film is for anybody who has ever looked in the mirror
and felt they weren’t enough.”

Body image is a serious public health issue. 70% of Teens define ideal body image as what they see in fashion magazines and 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and diet to achieve their ideal body shape. WE HAVE TO ACT NOW.

Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image was made to celebrate women and as a demand for a more realistic, positive body image in fashion, media and in the world at large.

Imagine if…

Imagine if a quarter of a million women, mothers and daughters gathered in homes around the world for a real talk about body positivity and invited the men and boys in their lives to be a part of this conversation. What kind of change would be possible if women and girls everywhere…loved themselves? That’s our goal for Straight/Curve – 250,000 conversations – 250,000 women and girls ready to spread the message about body positivity.


The Straight/Curve House Party Project is an essential component of the larger body positive movement that is happening right NOW as we all join together to fight for more diversity, inclusivity and representation for ALL women and young girls.

House party screenings are a great way to share this body positive messaging with your kids, mothers, friends, sisters, co-workers, brothers, sons and fathers. A house party builds community – it makes it easy and fun to have open and honest conversations about the issues the film raises in the comfort and safety of your home, facilitated by our specially curated discussion guide crafted by health and body image experts. The Screening Kit also includes some fun activities for all ages, created to fundamentally change the way we think about our bodies.

4 Easy Steps to Hosting Your Own House Party


Print our “I Want To See…” Flyer and tell us what YOU want to see more of in the fashion industry, media and advertising. Use this flyer to send a message to a brand/ company/ media publication and tell them how to better represent YOU. Tag them in your post so they see you! Make sure you tag @straightcurvefilm and use #Iwanttoseecampaign #straightcurvefilm as well.

Click here to download and print out the flyer.




Join us and take a pledge – help to change the fashion industry and media for our next generation.

Taking part is easy! Simply write two social media posts (or old fashioned letters): One to a magazine, clothing brand or company who you believe promotes an unrealistic body image and doesn’t use diverse people in their pages or their ads. Tell them what you don’t like about their business model and suggest positive ways they can change and be more representative and inclusive. Send the letter in the mail or via email or post the comment. Do NOT shame or troll. The purpose of this exercise is to make a recommendation on what you would like to see more of in the magazine/ clothing line etc. and NOT to focus on the negative.

And the second social media post/letter is to celebrate someone who you believe is already getting it right, to encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing.

This is a call to action that will create real and lasting change. With social media we have a platform and a voice we did not have before. Businesses are listening so let’s use our voices!

Tweet us at @StraightCurveNY using the hashtag #AskStraightCurve to share your activism with us. We welcome all of your comments, feelings and suggestions too.


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